Question – What is possibly the biggest challenge millions of Americans have in a turbulent economy?

Fast rising gas prices? Health insurance? Unexpected loss of real estate and stock values? Retirement accounts cut in half and possibly wiped out? Well those are all biggies but they are manageable problems if you have one thing:

A good, well planned, predictable, solid source of income.

Your beloved stocks, bonds, real estate, 401k, and 403b’s don’t fit in the predictable source of income category. No they just don’t cut it. You don’t have to be a financial analyst to know those go up in value and can drop like a missile. Sometimes when you need the money the most.

Sean the Annuity Man

Sean the Annuity Man

Sean the Annuity Man

One of the strategies I use when a client’s goal is to create a lifetime income source they cannot outlive is the Income Annuity. Below are the features I like about the annuity and why you will love it as a part of your Guaranteed Lifetime Income Strategy.
1 – You and your Financial Strategist can design the amount of pay you receive and how often you would like the payments. Annually, quarterly, or even monthly.

2 – Payments can be mailed or deposited right into your bank account.

3 - The income can be exclusively for you or set up jointly with your spouse.

4 – LIFETIME!!! – Your income starts 31 days after the contracted payout date and pays you for the rest of your life.

5 – Plus you own the annuity not your job. If you change jobs you take it with you.

In my next entry I will reveal another secret tool that generate income income income!

As a financial strategist and retirement expert the Lifetime Income Annuity is just one of many “secret” tools I use to create the predictable income source to maintain your lifestyle. It is my sincere hope I can help you too.

If you would like to work with a financial expert who has the tools, knowledge, and experience to find to help you create and income stream you will never out live, I’m just a phone call away.

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Take Control of Your Money :-)

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